Going big on the niche shopping segment.

We cater to the niche comparison shopper who is seeking a more meaninful shopping experience. By offering highly optimized stores geared towards enthusiasts we are able to create a significant quality advantage over our competitors.


Niche Comparison Shopping

At Affiliate Exec, we have built our business around the notion that quality is easier to deliver in small chunks. Rather than meddle in the arena of ecommerce super stores that sell everything from soup to nuts, we build sites that cater to an underserved niche. By taking a measured approach, we are better situated to deliver on our promise of high quality content. The success of our entire business rests on our ability to achieve our primary goal, quality.

When customers take part in a superior shopping experience, they reward you through repeat business. There can be no higher compliment for an ecommerce site than the repeat sale.

Amazon Logo

Lefty's Stable

If you have purchased something online in your lifetime, chances are you are already familiar with Amazon. They claim to sell over 480 million products, however this number is greatly assissted by the fact that they allow retailers to list items to be purchased via Amazon's site and drop-shipped. Affiliate Exec is fully integrated with Amazon and they hold the top spot in terms of sales volume of any advertiser that we do business with (no surprise). We only list items that are sold directly through Amazon in order to guarantee that our quality standards are adhered to. Their customer service, return policies, product offerings, and membership model set them apart from the rest.

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Board Games Galore

CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction) has been a mainstay in affiliate marketing since 1998. So I guess you could say, they were one of the founders of the marketing paradigm! They are the largest affiliate network in the world, and are trusted by more Internet Retailer 500 companies than any other. They offer a very strong API that provides access to retailers in just about any vertical that you can think of. In addition to that, they have a strong reputation for providing quality service to both advertisers and publishers. For these reasons, they were the very first affiliate network that we integrated with!