Committed to a better shopping experience.

More than just your cookie cutter shopping comparison engine, Affiliate Exec combines cutting edge technology with a time-tested human touch.


Comparison Shopping, Optimized.

At Affiliate Exec, our entire business model is centered around building an optimized experience for the comparison shopper. It starts with our software development team's ongoing initiative to produce a totally unique merchandiser tool. We then bring our inventory of products to the user via our dynamic shopping comparison platform. Tying everything together is our knowledgeable staff that posses years of experience in affiliate marketing.

Niche shopping comparison

Powerful Software

We have invested heavily a custom built merchandising tool that we believe sets us apart from the competition. The result; easy access to the product offerings from hundreds of premiere retailers. But why stop there? Our in-house development team is well situated to rapidly respond to new feature requests and quickly integrate them into our core product.

Exceptional User Experience

Continuous optimization for an exceptional comparison shopping experience is our rallying cry. We are fully aware that today's online shopper has a discerning eye when it comes to ecommerce site features. Providing that user with time-saving tools and well organized information is paramount. Our goal is to deliver a satisfying shopping experience that user will strive to return to.

Industry Experts

There is no substitute for experience. The staff at Affiliate Exec has ecommerce experience dating bating all the way back to 1996. Many things on the Internet landscape have changed since then but the principles remain the same. Our philosophy is to welcome fresh approaches but always remember that the fundamentals of a solid business model have remain unchanged.