An old world approach for today's consumer.

When it comes to quality, there are no short cuts. Quality can not be delivered solely through some computer algorithm. We gladly make the investment in human capital because we know there is no substitute.


Software that empowers

Much of what we do here at Affiliate Exec is software development. We have invested heavily in a best-in-class comparison shopping engine that is the backbone of our business. This software empowers our staff to rapidly find products, categorize, associate to related products, and write detailed reviews. The only part of our of our shopping cart engine that is automated is pricing updates, this is by design.

Our shopping engine is fully integrated with the top affiliate networks and internet retailers.

Content is still king

Content is king

Most of us are familiar with the age old mantra of "Content is King". It is frequently uttered by those in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry, and for good reason. It has been proven out time and time again that websites who succeed in delivering unique, quality content are the ones who succeed. Given the timelessness of this Internet truth, it seemed like a worthy cornerstone to build a business around. Affiliate Exec strives to meet this mark through a human driven process that includes cultivating advertiser relationships, grooming a highly selective product offering, and writing meaningful product reviews.

Pay for people, not clicks

Pay for people

With the advent of paid search placement, all too often companies seek instant results by buying their way to the top of search engines. This is not a sustainable model, especially for shopping comparison sites who operate on relatively thin margins. As more competitors enter the market, the feasibility of relying on pay-per-click traffic to drive revenue becomes increasingly unrealistic. Affiliate Exec chooses not to play this game. We place our bets on the quality content that only people can provide. It is our belief, that investing in such an approach will pay dividends in terms of our bottom line as well as customer satisfaction.

A winning formula for success

  • Develop dynamic software Deliver software that streamlines the merchandising process and empowers people to deliver quality content.
  • Advertiser integration Integrate our software with the top affiliate networks and mega-retailers.
  • Identify niches Perform competitive research to find which niche markets offer the opportunity for success.
  • Find the right people Find the right people who are able to produce quality content for the desired niche.
  • Deliver a superior shopping experience Develop a shopping cart experience that is powerful yet streamlined for the comparison shopper.
  • Measure success Constantly monitor the success criteria for all of our web properties, and correct course as needed.
  • Maintain relationships Our team is committed to cultivating close relationships with our advertisers and further the common goal.