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More than just your cookie cutter shopping comparison engine, Affiliate Exec combines cutting edge technology with a time-tested human touch.

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Comparison Shopping Done Right

You don't have to look hard to find a shopping comparison site on today's Internet. Most of them are indistinguishable from the next, differing primarily in branding alone. The formula appears to be programmatically add as many products as you can, scraping content from product feeds, and regurgitating it as your own. This scattershot approach just feels lazy to us. What ever happened to the concept of adding value?

We, at Affiliate Exec, strive to fill the quality void. Our entire business model is built around how we can add value to the comparison shopper's experience. Rather than pour all of our effort into a building a bot that scrapes content, we have decided to dedicate ourselves to building software that empowers the human reviewer. There is no getting around the fact that humans are simply more proficient in delivering quality than a computer algorithim could ever be. We embrace this truth.

Finding our niche

Our home-brewed shopping comparison engine was designed with the notion that niche shopping comparison sites are better suited to meet quality benchmarks than a single store that offers a massive selection of products. By taking this approach, we are able to marry people who are knowledgeable in a particular market with a specific store brand. Additionally, in a comparison shopping scenario, users are looking for a particular item and not simply parusing un-related items. Given this, our view is that a niche store will be better positioned to benefit the user.

Niche shopping comparison

Quality products, top retailers

Careful consideration is given to which advertisers we include in each and every one of our online stores. We take into consideration the advertisers overall reputation, customer service metrics, shipping and returns policies, and overall product offering. Once we make the decision to include an advertiser, we make a concerted effort to work with them to ensure that our quality standards are maintained throughout the duration of our relationship. Because of the investment required by us to list a new advertiser's products, we take a very measured approach with who we work with and which products are featured on our site.

Quality products from top retailers

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